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About Marble Sink Wholesale From China


The stone basin has a very unique appearance and has a long-term use.In long-term use, it has the characteristics of easy maintenance and not easy to break. This is why more and more people are choosing and using it. Of course, unlike ceramic water basins, stainless steel water basins and other man-made water basins, natural marble water basins are unique and natural.Some customers interest to know Marble Sink Wholesale from China. KF SINK can introduce detailed.

When we need to find a distributor or manufacturer of marble basins, we need to know a few basic industry knowledge. In the stone industry, most factories have a single production capacity. For example, some stone factories mainly produce prefab stone countertops and stone slabs, such as the noted KUNGFUSTONE. Some manufacturers mainly produce granite, or marble slabs, floor tiles and so on.KF SINK mainly produce marble sink and stone basin products. A professional stone factory has the ability to produce high-quality products and has a sufficient understanding of the products. At the same time, if the product has any quality and use problems, it is easy to find a solution.

White Volakas Marble Bathroom Sink
White Volakas Marble Bathroom Sink

In China, there have about 30-50 marble sinks factories now. Those factories distributed in Fujian province, Guangdong,China. In generally, the products often do in big quantity wholesale for export. Export from Xiamen port or Shenzhen port. For example,KF SINK have more than 500 different types of marble basin and marble sink styles in stock now. Our factory produce different marble sinks and marble bathtub in big quantity every month.

Rich experience in marble basin produce that also is very important. KF SINK have rich experience in produce and export stone sinks products. In general, our company with after sold service and quality guaranteed.

The production and packaging of stone basins require professional industry knowledge. Our company has more than 20 professional production and engraving workers, who are familiar with the styles of stone basins in different countries, and can accurately grasp the quality requirements. At the same time, our company has a 5-year after-sales service commitment. This solves the concerns of most stone basin dealers and wholesalers.

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