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Can We Use Marble Sink For Outdoor Garden?


Generally speaking, we know the natural stone sink always with rich patterns and materials.For example, the most popular type has granite,marble,and travertine.Of course, there also have travertine,lava stone,etc.

At the daily life, the people often use marble sink for indoor bathroom and kitchen. In fact, those products also with good performance too. Our company also often produce marble bathroom sink and kitchen sink too. In general, the materials mostly do in natural marble.Then the questions is coming,is the marble sink can use for outdoor?

We know that popular indoor stone sink colors in rich, and there also in rich patterns too. Generally speaking,the natural marble with soft feature.This material suitable for indoor use.So the mostly indoor stone sink made by marble and trevertine. But that not mean the marble sink can not use for outdoor. In fact, it is also can use for outdoor too, just the surface should be treat in specially. Of course, the granite sink is more popular at outdoor use. We know the granite material with high hardness and good physical performance at outdoor too.

marble sink

marble sink

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