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How Many Styles Of Stone Wash Basins?


With the improvement of living standards, people’s wash basins for home use are not satisfied with its practical functions, and begin to pursue individuality and pursue the decorative function of the wash basin. This makes stone wash basins, especially stone art wash basins, begin to be popular with people and enters the homes of ordinary people.

However, due to the wide variety of stone wash basins and different shapes, it is often not known how to distinguish and distinguish. Here we will introduce you to the classification of stone wash basins, let everyone know what kinds of stone sink are there. Since stone wash basins are divided in different ways, there are many classification methods, which will be introduced according to common classification methods.

Divided by material:
Can be divided into granite wash basins, marble wash basins, sandstone wash basins, limestone wash basins, jade wash basins and so on.

According to the installation method:
Can be divided into column basin (column type), basin (desktop) and hanging pots (wall mounted). The basin has two types: the upper basin and the lower basin.

According to the way of opening the faucet:
Can be divided into non-porous basins, single-hole basins and three-hole basins

The non-porous wash basin has a faucet that is mounted on the countertop or the wall behind the wash basin because there is no faucet on the basin. The single-hole wash basin is designed with only one tap hole, so you can only choose to install a single-handle tap. The three-hole wash basin has the option of installing a single-handle faucet in the middle or a double-handle faucet on both sides of the wash basin. It also meets the requirements of the old-fashioned draw-down kit with a drawbar. Here we will choose a three-hole wash basin, which is more convenient. For manufacturers, it should also be based on three-hole basin-based products.

By purpose:
Can be divided into bathroom sink, kitchen basin and laundry sink.

Through above introduce popular stone wash basins style, do you understand well now. If you need any style of stone wash basin, welcome contact with KF STINK.

stone wash basins
Stone Wash Basins
Stone Wash Basins

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