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Marble Sink Surface Choose


We know the different marble sink with various looks and different feature. For example, the different color of materials make the sink with totally various looks. In addition, those products also in big range size select and different surface. How to select good surface for stone sink?

The most popular marble sink bowl with flat surface. That can show the materials texture in clearly. In addition, the marble sink also with very nice touch feel too. At the same time, the flat surface also make the peoples with easy maintenance too. Easy to clean. For example, the most popular surface with polish surface, honed, and leather surface, etc.

We know the marble stone material always in rich surface method treat. For example, the flat type like as polish,honed, acid, sawn cut,etc. We can choose it depends on the marble sink materials, marble sink shapes, and size, colors, styles for match with own bathroom and kitchen. As a professional stone sink manufacturer,we always can give customers supply advises.

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