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Stone Sink Blog mainly introduce our company products and info blog. Our products has stone vessel sinks.And stone bathroom sink. Marble sink. Granite sink.Stone basin.And there also has stone bathtub, stone toilets products article.

The natural sink as a very important bathroom product. It is play important role at the modern decoration industry. From European to Usa,from Australia to China.This product popular around the world.

For the new buyer, they want to know more info about vessels basin. That not just includes stone vessel sinks quality,there also with installation guide.High quality and cheap price always is important too. Where can we buy stone bathroom sinks? Yes, from China.

This blog will give you some advise and guide too,then can make you know more. Of course, that will make sure you can use granite sink better at the daily life.

Marble Sink Factory Workshop

What Is Good Marble Sink Factory From China?

The natural stone sink play more and more important role at the market now. As we know the modern decoration like use natural stone for use that is a big trend.Especially, the marble sink as a beautiful stone product, that get more and more customers like now. In addition, that also with various shapes and styles. For customers, how to …

Marquina Black Marble Basin Bowl

Marble Sink Bowl From KF SINK

At the daily life, we know that the natural stone sink always with beautiful looks and various size and shapes. In addition, when we looking to buy it ,that often buy from local stone sink shop or if you are marble sink distributors or importers, you must be find good stone sink factory from China. As we know the different …

Bianco Carrara White Marble Bathtub

White Marble Bathtub Application

The natural stone bathtub can be design and produce in many shapes. In specially, the Marble Bathtub often with beautiful looks and special materials play important role at the market. In addition, the peoples also like to use it for own buildings. KF SINK can produce various types of Marble Bathtub for different projects. Especially, the White Marble Bathtub is …

Carrara White Marble Bathroom Sink

Marble Bathroom Sink Vs Marble Kitchen Sink

The natural marble sink with rich use and that can be done as marble bathroom sink and marble kitchen sink products. How about both products compare? And what is mainly difference? In general, the marble sink with wide application. Except the bathroom and kitchen,there also can done as stone garden sink,and stone outdoor sink,etc. As indoor use, the marble sink …

About Marble Bathtub Price

About Marble Bathtub Price

The natural marble bathtub as a important indoor use product, that play a special role at the market. At the daily life, we know the natural stone bathtub with rich styles and different materials. Except the stone bathtub, there also with other popular materials. Such as ceramic bathtub, porcelain bathtub, cement bathtub,etc. As we know that the natural stone always …

Marble Sink Surface Choose

Marble Sink Surface Choose

We know the different marble sink with various looks and different feature. For example, the different color of materials make the sink with totally various looks. In addition, those products also in big range size select and different surface. How to select good surface for stone sink? The most popular marble sink bowl with flat surface. That can show the …

How Many Styles Of Stone Wash Basins?

With the improvement of living standards, people’s wash basins for home use are not satisfied with its practical functions, and begin to pursue individuality and pursue the decorative function of the wash basin. This makes stone wash basins, especially stone art wash basins, begin to be popular with people and enters the homes of ordinary people. However, due to the …

marble sink for kitchen

Is Marble Sink Good In The Kitchen?

The marble sink is more and more popular in market now. That not just as it is with unique style, but also with easy maintenance and other advantages too. As a professional marble sink exporter, we want to introduce this product to more new customers. Natural stone, such as marble, is very popular in Italy. Due to the abundant resources …


Granite Sink India Vs Granite Sink China

When we compare different granite supplier origin, that must be clear some items. Such as various countries or workers always with own feature and advantages too.In fact, we know the Indian granite sink suppliers also is with a lot of very good products and special design. 1 Materials Choose In general, we know that the famous granite origin has 3 …

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