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Is the stone sink is good? Why it is expensive than stainless steel sink


The sink is an indispensable component when it comes to the whole cabinet. Whose bathroom does not wash dishes and wash dishes?The sink plays an important role in the kitchen. This most frequently used kitchen utensil is also a place that is easy to hide.Scratches and solid dirt that are accumulated over a long period of time are difficult to manage and cause headaches.But the peoples also like use stone sink or stainless steel sink too.

The natural stone sink always with very beautiful texture and veins, and we know every piece stone sink is unique, but some very great stone sink also with not cheap price too. The Stainless Steel sink with cheap price, but the monotonous and icy color of stainless steel makes it easy to create aesthetic fatigue, so to choose which type of sink ,that also depends on the customer demand.

Before the stone sink finished, our workers always do some special treat for the stone sink bowl surface and inside, make sure all product is perfect. Because the surface is extremely dense and completely resistant to penetration, dust and bacteria will automatically fall off. It can withstand frequent use every day, it can prevent dirt and scratch. Even if red wine, coffee is sprinkled on it or a heavy baking pan is placed on it, no trace will be left.

Except the natural stone sink, there also has artificial stone sink, such as quartz stone sink.which is more expensive than the stainless steel sink because the raw material itself is more expensive. The advantages of using quartz stone as a sink are: high hardness, more slippery and scratch resistant than stainless steel. “Quartz stone is similar to the material of the countertop, beautiful, and the overall effect is better.In addition, quartz stone and other stone also have acid and alkali resistance, even if it is a very corrosive acidic food, it will not corrode the sink. Another point is that the stone sink is quieter when used, and the noise generated when it collides with the vessel and water is small.

Which style of sink do you like? If you are need natural stone sink and any style of stone sink bowl product.welcome contact with us freely.

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